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Electro Ears

Electro Ear™

Electro Ear™

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Experience the future of ear hygiene with the Electro Ear™. This high-tech ear cleaner not only cleans your ears but also provides a visual confirmation of cleanliness through its integrated camera and mobile app. The luminous ear spoon, equipped with a 3.6mm camera and 400W pixel resolution, offers crystal clear imaging. Powered by a 230mAh/3.7V battery, the Electro Ear™ provides about 40 minutes of cleaning and inspection time on a single charge, which only takes an hour. It comes in sleek cool black or simple white options, and uses a five-axis gyroscope for precision control. With a power rating of 0.5W, this device combines efficiency with energy conservation. Upgrade to Electro Ear™ today for a thorough, safe, and tech-forward ear cleaning experience.

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